How Quicly Should Flytipped Rubbish Be Removed

The Nottinghamshire Fly Tipping Group

It is likewise an offence to enable fly tipping. In addition to this, vehicles involved in fly tipping can be taken. You may wish to take a more hands on method and disposal of your waste yourself. Fly tipping is the illegal disposing of home or industrial waste on land which has no licence to accept waste, such as on a roadside or in a field.

Report Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping is an unlawful activity, extra rubish removal info at Rubbish Removal In Nottingham ( ALL fly tipping must be reported to the Council; recording as numerous details as possible; Depending on the type and location of the fly tipping a number of things may take place, Report fly tipping

Getting Rid Of Waste

It is also an offence to allow fly tipping to take place. This is just in case your waste winds up where it ought to not be.

Fly Tipped Waste

You can be sure the fly tipped waste has been disposed of appropriately by following your responsibility of care.

Dumping Rubbish In Alleys

Burning waste, aside from sometimes burning dry garden waste, would be a criminal offense.

Report A Fly Tipping Emergency

If you witness fly tipping in fact happening call the Cops on 99 You can also report fly tipping online.

What You Can Do About Fly Tipped Waste

We'll clear all unpleasant fly tipped waste and leave the area spick and span.

Ways To Dispose Of Waste

Required to report fly tipping? Visit our Service Waste page for more details. Do not choose to burn your waste in the house.